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If you want to give your employees a very special company Christmas gift and at the same time avoid the time-consuming work that gift purchasing can be, our giftshop is just the thing for you. The smart concept gives the individual employee the chance to choose exactly the gift he or she wants, which reduces waste and spreads joy in the company.

At, we have made it easy for you with company gifts online to give your employees a gift that they will appreciate. Our range of employee gifts includes larger and smaller top-class brands, so no matter which company Christmas gift your employees choose, they get a high-quality product. Take a closer look at the many options the shop offers within corporate gifts online and find summer gifts, Easter gifts, corporate Christmas gifts and much more or be inspired by our beautiful selection of sustainable gifts. 


Create a unique giftshop with company gifts online


The election shop is ideal for corporate gifts all year round, so that you can quickly and easily give your employees the opportunity to choose the perfect corporate gifts online, regardless of occasion, budget and number of employees. Below we describe the few steps that are part of your company's unique giftshop, so you are well dressed if you want to offer your employees corporate gifts online.

1. Based on your company's budget, you choose one of our price ranges, where you can select up to 24 products, so you are sure there is something for everyone. Among our favorites, you can easily find inspiration, and then it's up to you how many options you want to offer your employees. Once you have chosen the gifts, you fill out the form at the bottom, and then we make a unique presentation of your company's giftshop based on your choices. Here it is possible to include your company logo and a personal greeting.

2. Then we send an email or SMS to the individual employee, in which they find the link and important information about the giftshop. We also offer other solutions, where you can, among other things, give your employees a small gift, which contains a username and password, so they can log in to the election shop via

3. When the giftshop opens, it is time for your employees to choose the Christmas gift that spreads the greatest joy for the individual. When this is done, we send the individual employee an email confirming the order.

4. After the giftshop expires, we are happy to wrap the gifts and put on a label so that your employees find the right gift, and then we can send them to both you company adress, private addresses and parcel shops. 

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The popular concept contains many benefits, and if you choose a giftshop with us, we will keep you updated throughout the process, so you can feel in safe hands. We have more than 12 years of experience in the B2B gift market here in Denmark and can therefore create unique solutions for you, so you can impress your employees with a gift beyond the usual.

If you have questions about our giftshop and corporate gifts for employees, you are more than welcome to contact us on +45 75 75 25 75 or

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