ParknGO m. Saphe

  • Price Category: 880 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,300.00 DKK

Park´n go and Smart Emergency Lighting.

Set of environment friendly Park n´go ECO and Smart Emergency Lighting.

The solar powered P-disc automatically switches to summer and winter times. Provides great peace of mind - no maintenance for approx. 10 years. Plug & Play - Easy installation and installation. Approved by the Traffic Authority. Additionally a smart little emergency lighting lamp for the car:

Emergency light, silver-colored ABS sleeve, 1 white LED and 9 flashing lights on the sides, knife, window hammer, magnetic so it can be fixed to the car roof.

Saphe - avoid speeding tickets

With Saphe mounted in the car you are warned by photo waggons and accidents.

All you need to do is to pair your Saphe device with your smartphone the first time you need it. Then everything will run automatically if Bluetooth is turned on your phone.

When you drive out of traffic and get an alarm or see a photo wagon that have not been notified yet, just press the blue button a single time.

Saphe is named Denmark's Best Traffic Alarm 2018.


The Eva Solo drinking bottle can be used like a handy water bottle. In your bag, at the office and in your leisure time. It is completely watertight, can be refilled time and again, and therefore does not impact the environment.

The drinking bottle is made of BPA-free plastic, which means that it contains no bisphenol, phthalates or heavy metals. The plastic bottle itself is dishwasher-safe. The screw-top lid must be washed by hand.