Nilfisk High Pressure Cleaner C105.7-5 (EU)

  • Nilfisk High Pressure Cleaner C105.7-5 (EU)
  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,040.00 DKK

Compact and handy high pressure cleaner - user-friendly
The high pressure cleaner is a basic model that makes it basic outdoors
cleaning more efficient.
The lightweight, compact and maneuverable Nilfisk high pressure cleaner is ideal for it
basic cleaning in the garden. It gives a maximum pressure of 105
bar - and there is plenty of efficient cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces. One
reliable model with automatic start / stop system and aluminum pump.
Perfect for occasional cleaning of the terrace, stakit or other flats up to
25 m2 per. hour. A handy helps to clean a car, bike or
patio furniture. Easy to move around. Easy to store.
For better performance, this Nilfisk model Click & Clean
connection to different accessories.
• A maximum pressure of 105 bar.
• Reliable aluminum pump.
• Suitable for lightly soiled surfaces up to 25 m2 per. hour.
• Two possible nozzles: Tornado or Powerspeed (high pressure).
• 5 m high pressure hose.
• Click & Clean connection of accessories.