Gold gift box 'Guld Palæ familie'

  • Gold gift box 'Guld Palæ familie'
  • Price Category: 880 DKK
  • MRSP: 2,339.00 DKK

Villa Closalis. Carignan. Grenache Noir. Syrah. Mouvèrdre. 6 months on dish. 13% VOL. Year 2016
Porto Reucca Tawny. Port. Portugal. 75cl. 19% VOL
Cocoture mall moped. Licorice Caramels. 60g
Cocoture palace cage house - green. Slikmix. 80g
Cocoture palace box. Filled chocolates. 80g
Cocoture Pale dragonese. Licorice Almonds. 90g
Cocoture Palace. Christmas ball with cream chocolate hearts in gold. 32g
PR Chocolate. Gold chocolate hearts, marcipan hearts and dragon in the palace hatte box. 260g
C'EST BON Diffuser in bottle bottle with broom
Cocoture. Gold foil. Cream chocolate ball with caramel
Cocoture. Dark green foil. Cream chocolate bowl with nougat
Cocoture. Light green foil. Cream chocolate ball with liquorice