Fiskars Sensei knives set, 5 pcs

  • Price Category: 400 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,999.00 DKK

Sensei is the Japanese word for teacher or specialist. The Sensei knives are made according to their proud knife-making traditions and in a modern design. Fiskars Sensei knives are made of high-quality knife steel with a particularly hard hardening, which retains sharpness longer. The knife edge is polished by hand, a method that gives a nice finish and maximum sharpness.

The gift includes:

1 pc. Fiskars Sensei peeling knife, 7 cm

1 pc. Fiskars Sensei herbal knife, 12 cm

1 pc. Fiskars Sensei Santoku knife, 16.5 cm

1 pc. Fiskars Sensei chef's knife, 19 cm

1 pc. Fiskars Sensei bread knife, 19 cm