Eva solo termo jug and porcelain

  • Eva solo termo jug and porcelain
  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,300.00 DKK

Consists of
1 Thermo jug 1.0 l
The sculptural design is based on the award-winning concept, which makes the thermocouple 100% dry free by means of a stainless steel pouring screw.
The thermocouple is easy to fill with its wide opening at the top and the low center of gravity makes it stable on the table.
It is plastic outside and has a replaceable glass flask inside.

4 Legio Nova Cups 40 cl
Legio's design language is absolutely minimalist, Legio Nova is designed with grooves that make refined form the frame of the food. Eva Trio is sponsor of the Danish cookie team, and in the design process inspiration has been found to see their food art and the care they put in their crafts. Therefore, the center of the plate is framed with elegant grooves that emphasize the orientation.
Legio Nova is like a high quality Legio porcelain that can withstand both oven, microwave and freezer. There is a 10-year porcelain guarantee on the set, and this is not least tested by the Danish cookie team, who recommends Legio Nova.

4 Legio nova bowl 0.4 l
The bowl has the characteristic grooves on the outside of the bowl. It is especially suitable for serving breakfast and soup - for that reason the grooves are placed on the outside so that the spoon does not bother against the grooves.
The bowl is made of porcelain and can withstand machine dishes.
Package in gift bag