Costa Nova Riviera occupant and hydrangea plate set

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Costa Nova's series Riviera is designed by the internationally renowned floral artist Christian Tortu. The series is inspired by the Riviera, the famous coastline of France and Italy. Tortu has created a captivating and very beautiful porcelain collection that mixes shapes and colors in a completely unique style that captures the many moods of the Mediterranean Riviera. Perfect for mixing and matching with your other porcelain.

Quality stoneware from Costa Nova

• The products are fired for 11 hours at 1180 ° C. This means that Costa Nova's stoneware not only has a very low risk of shards when used, but also that it has a high tolerance to thermal shock.

• The glaze is extremely resistant to scratches.

Use of Costa Nova

• Withstands oven, microwave and freezer.

• Withstands thermal shock - from -20 ° C to +250 ° C.

• The products can be placed under a grill in the oven if they are placed 6.5 cm from the heat source.

• Do not place over an open flame or on an electric stove.

• Machine washable as often as desired - thanks to the extremely hard-wearing, non-porous surface glaze. A good piece of advice is that the parts do not touch or hit each other in the machine.

Environmentally friendly stoneware

• Costa Nova's unique burning system saves energy and reduces emissions into the atmosphere.

• The products live up to all international standards and are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions at the factory in Portugal.

• Does not contain lead or cadmium.

Product specifications

Material: ceramics

Size: L: 18/22 cm, W: 17/19 cm

The gift includes:

2 pcs. Costa Nova Riviera hydrangea plates

2 pcs. Costa Nova Riviera occupant plates