Architectmade Penguin small og large

  • Architectmade Penguin small og large
  • Price Category: 640 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,048.00 DKK

Penguins in hand painted beech tree
It started in 1954 as three unique gifts. Designed and designed by the silversmith Hans Bunde. A handmade PENGUIN for each of his beloved sisters. In the penguins, Hans Bunde combined the love of his sisters with the fascination of the special animals, among other things known to hold on life-long monogamous conditions.
Designed in beautiful beech wood, every single PENGUIN is unique. While the glossy hand-painted backside reminds of white penguins in the sharp Arctic sun, the front of the bird is preserved in the raw untreated tree. Here are the unique lines of natural materials that are only becoming more beautiful over the years.