Tax rules

Your gift can be granted under the rules for tax-free company presents.
The value is not regarded as a gift card, as there is no denomination on the individual cards, and the employee is allowed to choose between a limited number of Christmas presents.

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 All the Christmas presents offered are within SKAT's limit for company christmas presents of DKK 800, - without the employee having to pay tax of the amount. Read more on SKATs website.

Employee presents and taxes are not difficult

Tax rules for Christmas presents to employees are often accused of being complex. They are not.

This is an easy guide where you can see what you are allowed to give your employees for christmas, without paying tax.

These are the rules for employee christmas presents and taxes

In order to prevent your employees from paying taxes, it is important to know the tax rules of the company presents. The value of the gift is the company’s purchase price incl. VAT. This applies even if the indicative price is higher than the purchase price.

Tax rules for Christmas gifts for employees

You are always allowed give your employees a Christmas gift worth 800 dkr. without paying taxes.

Annually you can give up to a maximum of 1.100 dkr. on gift expenses including the christmas gift. If you give more to the employee for christmas, your employee must pay taxes.

• A christmas gift for 800 kr. Is always tax free.

• A christmas gift of 800 kr. Is tax-free even if your gifts exceed a total of 1.100 kr. Your employees must pay tax on the value of the other gifts.

• Taxes of the value of all gifts must be paid if the Christmas gift has a value higher than 800 dkr and the total value exceeds 1.100 dkr.

Can I give cash to employees as christmas gifts, without paying taxes?

Taxes and gift cards are always required to be exchanged for cash. This applies even if the value is below 1.100 kr.

Anniversary and occasion gifts

Anniversary and occasional gifts do not affect christmas presents.

Christmas presents for the employees at

At VALGFIGAVE.DK we offer both traditional christmas gifts for the employees as well as ‘Selective christmas presents’. 

We have done that for 30 years. We therefore have a wide knowledge of what suits all types of companies.