Choosing this year's Christmas gift for the employees?
Valgfrigave.dk can be used for those who picks out the Christmas gift for their employees. Select the gift in the price category the business has decided for. Then write an email to valgfrigave@idegroup.dk about your wish for Christmas gifts and you will be contacted quickly to arrange details. You are also welcome to call us at +45 7575 2575.

Let employees choose their Christmas presents from the company's selected range.
At Valgfrigave.dk we have divided the presents into the most commonly used price categories for corporate Christmas gifts.
Click on the price category the company has decided to.
Choose the gifts the employees have to choose from and we create a unique gift shop with your selected Christmas presents.

There are 3 options for reaching the employees.
1. by mail
2. via SMS
3. via a personal login at Valgfrigave.dk

You decide what should be in the SMS or e-mail, and we will send a link according to your wishes about when the gift choice should start and end.
When the employee gets a link per SMS or mail, he / she can click directly on the page with the gifts the company has decided to. When the employee has chosen his gift, a receipt will be sent per. mail so we can ensure as flawless a procedure as possible.
The presents are finely wrapped in Christmas paper and the mark, so there is no doubt who should have which package.
We have great experience with delivery of election gifts - even to many different and large departments, so no task is too big for our professional team.
We look forward to receiving your Christmas gift order.