Terms of Service

IDÉ House of Brands Denmark A / S is the rightful owner of the service VALGFRIGAVE.DK.
This agreement applies to the companies ordering the service of  VALGFRIGAVE.DK and IDÉ House of Brands Denmark A/S.

1. Description

1.1. VALGFRIGAVE.DK was developed by IDÉ House of Brands Denmark A / S (hereinafter referred to as IDÉ House of Brands).
At VALGFRIGAVE.DK the company's gift manager orders an access to be used for employees or the number of gifts to be used for customers. Through a list of employees, names, email addresses, and phone numbers are linked with unique login information that gives access to a gift choice. The recipient is referred by e-mail or SMS to redeem his gift at VALGFRIGAVE.DK. It is also possible to receive a login if the recipients do not have company access to e-mail or SMS. When the recipient logs in, the gifts in the category that the company has chosen to be displayed will be shown and the recipient can choose the gift from the exciting range that gives her / him or the family the greatest pleasure.

1.2. VALGFRIGAVE.DK can be used as a corporate presentation for employees and business associates.
Companies (hereinafter referred to as "Gift sender") who wish to offer the VALGFRIGAVE.DK service to their employees or business associates (hereinafter, Gift recipient), collaborate with IDÉ House of Brands within following conditions:

2. Order

2.1. Access to VALGFRIGAVE.DK can be ordered at:
IDÉ House of Brands Denmark A / S
Platinvej 67
6000 Kolding
Tel .: +45 7575 2575
Mail: valgfrigave@idegroup.dk

2.2. An order is initially binding by IDÉ House of Brands when it is confirmed in writing.

3. Prices

3.1. The price of the presents shown on VALGFRIGAVE.DK are Excl. VAT. The suggested retail price stated as value on the gifts is incl. VAT.

4. Delivery

4.1. Gift sender submits the excel list of employees who will receive gifts by IDÉ House of Brands.
4.2. Giftgiver agrees with IDÉ House of Brands a deadline for when the Beneficiary has recently chosen his gift at VALGFRIGAVE.DK. The same agreement also states when the gift is delivered.
4.3. Gifts are typically delivered to the company's address, after which they are handed over to the beneficiaries. Other, or more delivery addresses can be individually agreed.
4.4. If an ordered item is out of stock, receiver or Gift senders administrator will be contacted directly by email, indicating when delivery can be expected. Beneficiaries also receive offers, alternatively, choose another gift in the range that is not sold out. If the recipient wishes to receive the item temporarily sold out, when it is back on stock, he or she will receive direct notice about this. This information has also been received by the person in question at his e-mail address.

5. Payment

5.1. The gifts are invoiced on the date of shipment from our warehouse.
5.2. Freight for dispatch of gifts to Gift sender, billed same day (if possible)
5.3. Payment terms 14 days net (requires credit approval), unless otherwise agreed.

6. Assortment

6.1. IDÉ House of Brands always strives to have a wide and exciting range of classics and news within the gift items that our customers demand. We strive to offer something for everyone! We would like to receive suggestions for products at valgfrigave@idegroup.dk. The ideas will be included in our consideration of the future range.
6.2. IDÉ House of Brands reserves the right to change the assortment without prior notice, if reason is reasonable.
6.3. If the Gift sender wishes to offer a Special Gift to the Beneficiary, this will be arranged.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1. There is no right of withdrawal on the products that the Receiver orders.
7.2. The gifts can not be exchanged for cash.
7.3. The gifts can not be exchanged.

8. Cancellation of order

8.1. Gift sender can not cancel any order at VALGFRIGAVE.DK at IDÉ House of Brands, after IDÉ House of Brands has submitted order confirmation.

9. Validity of entry

9.1. The validity and duration of the admission is stated in the agreement between IDÉ House of Brands and Gift sender.
9.2. Beneficiaries who have not chosen their gift before the expiration of the expiry date, are awarded a gift chosen for the purpose, in collaboration with the Gift sender.

10. Personal Information

10.1. The information IDÉ House of Brands receives from the Giftgiver or Beneficiary is only used to submit the order and to contact in case of unforeseen problems. The information is kept confidential and will never be disclosed to third parties.

11. Particularly about access to VALGFRIGAVE.DK

11.1. VALGFRIGAVE.DK Access. The access is personal and may only be used by the person whom the Gift sender has intended access.

12. Particularly about the relationship between the Gift sender and IDÉ House of Brands.

12.1. Since the contractual trade relationship is between the Gift sender and IDÉ House of Brands and not between the beneficiary and the IDÉ House of Brands, the beneficiary can not object to the purchasing nature of the IDÉ House of Brands. Any objections must be addressed to the Gift sender.