Champagne sword, wine cooler, champagneglasses & chocolate

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 946.00 DKK

Sabatier quality champagne saber and champagne/wine cooler 

Champagne/Wine cooler  aluminium Ø20cm H21cm

Saber steel with wooden handle - L27 cm

Everything you need for a festive night - for any celebration with champagne.

4 pcs. 34 cl.

Lyngby Glass is manufactured in a completely transparent environment crystal, produced in a patented process, where the lead-free glass pulp is machined to produce extraordinarily clear and very high durability. It also makes Lyngby Glass suitable for dishwashers.

Red metal heart with 90 g. Stuffed homemade chocolates and more.