Bitz Kusintha waterset

  • Price Category: 350 DKK
  • MRSP: 409.00 DKK

The Kusintha glasses lays nice in your hand, creates beautiful life on the table - and most importantly: 50 DKK goes to Christian Bitz's support project through the Danish 'Røde Kors'.

In this gift is a thank you from Bitz for the support of the project. Kusintha means change in Chichewa, which is spoken in Malawi, and that is precisely change that Christian Bitz in collaboration with the Danish 'Røde Kors' wants to create in Malawi. Especially the lack of food and water is a challenge in the country where only 1/3 of the population has clean water. Therefore, through the Kusintha project, efforts are being made to provide clean drinking water in Malawi. Your support for Kusintha goes for the work of establishing local wells in the poorest areas. Shorter distance to a well allows women and children to work and attend school.

Read more about the projects and the opportunity to support Kusintha at

Product specifications:

Size: Waterbottle(1,2L) & Glasses(30cl)

Material: Recycled glass

Colors: Choose between green, blue, amber or pink

The gift includes:

1 pcs. Bitz waterbottle 1,2 L

6 pcs. Glasses from the Kusintha series, 30cl