Zone Inu Wellness

  • Zone Inu Wellness
  • Price Category: 400 DKK
  • MRSP: 909.00 DKK

Zone Denmark's spa series Inu reflects presence and self-pampering inspired by the calm, balance and sensuality of the Scandinavian bathing and sauna culture. Inu is a delicious design, soft textiles and beautiful, delicate scents for a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - a whispering invitation to pamper the senses and enjoy the present.

In this wellness package you get a nice, black metal basket, dia. 30 x 30.5 cm, with 2 pcs. Zone Classic towels 50 x 100 cm in Gray, an Inu makeup mirror and an Inu bath brush in light beech and natural hair.

The gift includes:

2 pcs. Zone Denmark Classic towels 50x100 cm, Gray

1 pcs. Zone Denmark black metal basket, dia. 30x30.5 cm

1 pcs Zone Denmark Inu Makeup mirror, 27x14 cm, beech

1 pcs Zone Denmark Inu Bath Brush, 33x8.6x3.9 cm, beech, natural hair