Zone Denmark Rocks icemaker

140.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 249.00 DKK

Do you consume a lot of ice cubes?
Then you need the Rocks Icemaker the perfect choice for you.

Rocks Icemaker is a genius ice tray and cooling element in one from Zone Denmark’s bar-collection Rocks.

It is an ice tray that makes it easy and hygienic to make ice cubes, with a clear conscious.

You get 18 big ice cubes with each fill.

To make the ice cub Icemaker can be rinsed, filled and frozen, again and again.

The tray is 100 % free of BPA, and phthalates with you and the environment in you just have to fill up the Icemaker, freeze it, and then free the cubes inside the tray by pulling at the string on the side, and then simply pour the ice cubes directly into your drink, or a glass.

Product specifications
Material: PS/Silicone
Color: Black
Size: 21x 11,8 x 5,5 cm

This gift includes

1 stk. Zone Denmark Rocks icemaker