Spring Copenhagen - Tipsy corkscrew & Tipsy winestopper

200.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 400.00 DKK

If you love a good bottle of wine from time to time, then the Tipsy corkscrew is a stylish, simple and functional choice. Besides helping you open your wine, it also makes a beautiful decorative item, that you don’t have to hide away in a drawer.

Leave it out for all to see, and let it be a part of your classy interior.

The high quality and the material of the design makes that you get a durable corkscrew, and that you can keep opening your wine bottles with style, and not worry about if the corkscrew is going to bend. 

If you plan on saving an opened bottle of wine, an impervious seal is essential. A regular cork doesn’t guarantee this seal and you risk getting cork fragments in your wine.

Tipsy wine stopper seals the bottle tightly and is an excellent and charming substitute for a cork stopper.

It extends the drinkable life of wine and allows you to save leftover wine for longer. And the wine keeps for even longer when stored in the fridge.

With its resolute simplicity and unique appearance, this pair is the perfect gift idea for your host or hostess.

Product specification:
Design by FaPrik
Corkscrew size and weight: 11,2 x 6,3 cm, 56 g
Corkscrew material: Oak, stainless steel
Wine stopper size and height: 3,4 x 9 cm, 75 g
Wine stopper material: Oak, natural rubber
Maintenance: Clean it with a damp cloth. For better finish and maintenance use beeswax occasionally on all our wooden products.

The gift includes:
1 pcs. Spring Copenhagen Tipsy corkscrew 
1 pcs. Spring Copenhagen Tipsy winestopper