Spring Copenhagen mom and baby seal

400.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 700.00 DKK

Female seals and baby seals appeal to both children and adults - and in a distinguished way imitate wildlife in the northern hemisphere.

Put the two seals together on the shelf and give your home a touch of Nordic living.

The special thing about them is that the head can be turned in all directions.

This brings the characters to life and you can change the expression on an ongoing basis.

The set is reminiscent of walks on the beach when the cute spotted seals suddenly stick their heads out of the sea or sunbathe on rocks or sandbanks.

It is Chresten Sommer's ambition that his design should bring joy and create a warm atmosphere.

With his seals created in warm, dark wood, he hits the spot and delivers interiors that make a difference in your home.

Product specifications
Material: Oak, natural rubber
Size, female seal: 8,6 x 14 cm x 18,6 cm
Size, baby seal: 6 x 9,6 x 12,7 cm

The gift contains
1 pcs. Spring Copenhagen female seal
1 pcs. Spring Copenhagen baby seal