Luigi Bormioli Mixology glass series, 4 pcs.

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Mixology is for the real Italian moments and brings out the very best in your drinks.

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Luigi Bormioli Mixology spritzglasses 57 cl, 4 pcs

Luigi Bormioli's exclusive Mixology glass series has been developed for the bar and cocktail culture in collaboration with bartender and cocktail specialist Yuri Gelmini.

Product specifications
The elegant glasses are made of lead-free SON.hyx crystal glass, which is extremely strong.
The edge of the glass is 37.5% more durable than other glasses.
The stem is reinforced with titanium and the durability is increased to 140%.
The durability against blows on the side of the glass is 105% stronger than other glasses.
Maintains transparency and shine after more than 1,000 times in the dishwasher.
25 year guarantee against glass plague and edge shards.

The gift contains
4 pieces. Luigi Bormioli Mixology - optional glass series