Holmegaard "Design with Light" lantern set

400.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 899.00 DKK

Holmegaard celebrates the curvature and elegance of a bottle with the Design with Light series by Maria Berntsen. 

An organic design language combined with mouth blown glass makes the Design with Light lanterns a unique light source, that you can use all year round - inside and outside.  Designer Maria Berntsen draws her inspiration from bottles, because the lanterns come in three different sizes, so when you combine them, they look a bit like big and small bottles placed close together. Design With Light can be placed on the floor, on a terrace or on the table, and you can use both tealights and block lights in the transparent lanterns. To break the feminine form the lanterns have a thick, raw leather handle strap - a design choice and a practical asset, making the easy to move the lanterns around.  

Each piece of mouth blown glass is unique and handmade by the glassblower, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the small pipe. Air bubbles in the glass is therefore unavoidable, and is part of the charm that mouth blown glass has.

Product specification:
Material: handmade glass
Design: Maria Berntsen

The gift includes: 

1 pcs. Holmegaard "Design with Light" lantern, clear glass, 16 cm 

1 pcs. Holmegaard "Design with Light" lantern, clear glass, 25 cm