Bitz Creme a Tablestory set

560.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 1,039.00 DKK

Salad bowl in cream-colored stoneware with matt glazed outside and beautiful glossy inside, salad cutlery in oak, bowl set in matt cream with oak lids, 10, 12 and 14 cm, and vase in matt cream.

The beautiful combination of the matte exterior and the radiant, shiny interior will continue to enchant you. The matte, reactive glaze makes the bowls and all other products in Christian Bitz' stoneware series unique and easily recognizable. Marks, scratches and patterns appear differently in the glaze, and no two products are alike in the manufacturing process.

The bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, while the lids in the delicious oak are washed by hand.

The salad cutlery should be washed by hand. The wood is not suitable for soaking or dishwasher and must be washed before use. It is recommended that cooking oil be used regularly for maintenance.

Product specifications

Color, bowls: Matte cream outside, and glossy cream-glazed inside.

The wooden parts are made of oak.

Size, salad bowl: Ø 24 cm.

Salad spoon and salad fork are 24 cm long with heads 5.7 cm in diameter. The shafts are 1.9 cm wide.

Size, Bowl set: Ø 10, 12 and 14 cm.

The lids fit all Bitz bowls in the same size.

The dishes are dishwasher safe.

The oak doors must be washed by hand.

The dishes are microwave safe (without lid).

Size, Vase: Ø 20 cm.

The gift contains

1 pcs. Bitz salad bowl, 24 cm

1 set of Bitz salad cutlery, 24 cm in oak

1 pcs. Bitz bowl with lid, 10 cm

1 pcs. Bitz bowl with lid, 12 cm

1 pcs. Bitz bowl with lid, 14 cm

1 pcs. Bitz vase, 20 cm