Bamix Daily hand blender

640.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 1,299.00 DKK

Bamix Daily hand blender in black with ergonomic grip and a powerful 140 watt motor with two speed settings. Incredibly flexible and can be used for many tasks in the kitchen. A multifunction knife, blender disc and a 600 ml container with a black lid are included.

A multifunction knife is perfect for most things; to mash vegetables and cooked meat in soup, gravy and baby food and to chop fresh and frozen fruits and berries for desserts, jams, ice cream and sorbets. The multifunction knife can even crush ice cubes for refreshing drinks and cocktails.

The blender disc is used for mayo, pancake batter, mashed potatoes, cocktails and shakes.

See more on the bamix app, which in addition to full access to the bamix recipes gives you exclusive bamix recipes as well as a shopping list function.

bamix is the world's smallest and most versatile kitchen machine. It can be used to chop, puree, emulsify, stir, blend, foam, grind, pulverize, grate and whip, and at the same time it is extremely easy to operate and clean. It can be used in small containers and glass bowls as well as in hot pots on the stove, and with its double-insulated and fully sealed housing, it can be immersed deep in both hot and cold liquid.

100% Swiss quality with lifetime warranty on the engine. Sustainability is part of the idea behind bamix.

It is hand-built Swiss quality that is made to last for many years. The products are screwed together instead of being glued or welded and can be opened at any time for inspection and repair, which means that even an old bamix can still be repaired. However, it is unlikely that your bamix will ever break.

Product specifications
Colour: Black and steel
Power: 140 watt motor with two speed settings

The gift contains
1 pcs. Bamix Daily hand blender
1 pcs. container, 600 ml
1 pcs. multifunction knife
1 pcs. blender disc