Architectmade Bird small and Large

  • Architectmade  Bird small and Large

560.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 818.00 DKK

Kristian Vedel designed Bird in 1959. Bird has since proven to be the epitome of Danish design. Despite the simple appearance, the clean lines create endless expressions simply by tilting their heads in the direction they want.

BIRD is created as a family in three sizes and can express both joy, sorrow and curiosity. Likewise, the body can be reversed and create different expressions. From high to low, thin to thin, children to parents and grandparents, Bird represents an entire generation.

Bird is available in two color variants - smoked and nature.

Bird has a reversible body and a moving head that can create different expressions.

Bird is the epitome of Danish design.

The gift includes:

1 pcs. Architectmade  Bird Large

1 pcs. Architectmade  Bird Small