Royal Copenhagen bowl set and chocolate

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Blue Fluted Plain
Blue Fluted Plain is the very definition of a classic. The hand painted collection is made up of timeless pieces, handmade to perfection, each with their own purpose and beauty.

Small, decorative items, functional serving dishes and versatile plates make up a varied collection that remains as in style today as it was when it was first designed in 1775.

White Fluted
This appealing White Fluted Bowl is ideal for sugar and other condiments or as a small snack bowl. The simplistic bowl has a timeless quality that easily combines with any other collection of Royal Copenhagen.

Created from the base shape of the Blue Fluted Plain collection, White Fluted is minimalistic, unadorned and eternally classic.

The pure whiteness of the simplistic collection makes each piece stand out it handmade elgance, emphasising the iconic flutes in the porcelain.

Every piece of White Fluted is beautiful on its own and in combination with one or more of Royal Copenhagen's hand painted dinner services.

Blue Fluted Mega Bowl
This small Blue Fluted Mega Bowl is hand painted in a magnified blue palmetto interspersed by a stringent line wrapping around the bowl.

The bowl can be used as a snack bowl or for safekeeping of small belongings. Blue Fluted Mega is comfortingly familiar yet surprisingly refreshing.

Born from a bold reinterpretation of the iconic pattern of Blue Fluted Plain, Blue Fluted Mega captivates with graphic and magnified sections of the original mussel painted pattern.

Since its creation in 2000, Blue Fluted Mega has grown to become a true, new classic in Danish design. The eye-catching collection is beautiful on its own or in combination with the Limited Edition collection Mega Rose or any other Royal Copenhagen dinner service.

Product specifications
Size: W: 8.5 x L: 8.5 x H: 4.5 cm
Volume: 15 cl
Materiale: Porcelain
The dishes are dishwasher safe and can be put in the microwave.

The gift contains
1 pcs. Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Plain bowl
1 pcs. Royal Copenhagen White Flutes Sugar bowl
1 pcs. Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega bowl
1 pcs. box with filled chocolates