Rosti Margrethe Bowl Set With Lids & Malund Foccacia Bread Mix

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ROSTI MARGRETHE BOWL SET The Margrethe bowl was designed for Rosti in 1954 by Acton Bjørns and Sigvard Bernadotte's design studio in Copenhagen, and it is named after the Danish Princess Margrethe. Rosti had asked a large number of housewives what an ideal mixing bowl should be. The housewives wanted a curved bowl that should be just as spacious and yet so upright that it could be whipped and stirred in it without the contents overflowing. It should also have a pouring spout and a good grip. The result was the Margrethe bowl.

The sparkling grey Pebble color gives the iconic Margrethe bowl an exciting look with a matte outside in contrast to the shiny inside. The set consists of 4 bowls with lids.

Bottles by Malund with red focaccia is the thoughtful gift idea, a transparent and timeless design bottle that in fine layers of organic ingredients tells a story from the Danish farms. With a simple baking guide, the Bottles content can be transformed into healthy delicacies and perhaps a whole new taste experience for the recipient?

TIP: When Bottles is empty, it becomes the kitchen's newest recyclable member and the environment is spared disposable packaging for a while.

The Gift Includes

1 pcs. Rosti Margrethe bowl with lid, 0.5L

1 pcs. Rosti Margrethe bowl with lid, 0.75 L

1 pcs. Rosti Margrethe bowl with lid, 2L

1 pcs. Rosti Margrethe bowl with lid, 3L

1 pcs. Bottles by Malund, red focaccia