Pillivuyt Toulouse lasagne dish and bowl with handles

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For over 200 years, Pillivuyt has created classic, French porcelain of a unique quality for the kitchen and table.

The old porcelain factory is still located in the small scenic town of Mehun-sur-Yèvre in the heart of France, where the craft has been passed down from generation to generation since 1818. Pillivuyt even produces the unique porcelain mass that is fired at particularly high temperatures up to 1400 ° C. The result is extremely strong porcelain that is extra durable and with a quality that can be felt. All porcelain is ovenproof and therefore suitable for both oven and microwave - preferably directly from freezer to oven (-30 ° C to +350 ° C).

Toulouse consists of a range of sophisticated and practical porcelain dishes for everyday culinary experiences. The dishes have an elegant pleat that has become an iconic part of Pillivuyt's history, where there is respect for tradition in a contemporary design. The shape of the dishes' handles is, for example, inspired by the oven doors in the old porcelain factory. Toulouse has a lifetime breakage guarantee on handles. You are therefore always guaranteed a replacement of dishes whose handles have been damaged during normal use.

From oven to table

Pillivuyt's dishes and molds present the food in the most beautiful way and create a complete culinary experience from oven to table. The porcelain is not only extremely resistant to blows and shocks. Pillivuyt's ovenproof porcelain also withstands thermal shock from -30 ° C to +350 ° C - so you can take the dish out of the freezer and put it directly in a hot oven.

You can therefore easily prepare a pie, a lasagna or something completely third and then freeze the dish down so you can get it in the hot oven when it suits you. The unique properties of porcelain are due to the special porcelain mass and the extremely high temperature at which it is fired.

Pillivuyt's porcelain also has the good property that it absorbs and distributes the heat in an optimal way - the food therefore stays warm long after it has been taken out of the oven.

Pillivuyt has for many years made an effort to reduce its CO2 footprint. Among other things, talk about recycling waste products from raw materials as well as recycling water, plastic, paper and cardboard. Insulation of ovens and use of the heat of the ovens for heating and transition to sustainable packaging. A different initiative is the recycling of hard porcelain waste in road surfaces.

Product specifications

Material: white ovenproof porcelain


lasagne dish: 34x24,5x7 cm

bowl: 1.2 L / D16cm

The gift includes:

1 pcs. Pillivuyt Toulouse lasagne dish white, 3.7L, 34x24,5x5cm

1 pcs. Pillivuyt Toulouse bowl with handles, white 1.2L, Ø16cm