Nohrlund small giftpackage & Luigi Bormioli cocktailglasses

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Nohrlund represents a world of ready-mixed, organic bottled cocktails inspired by the Nordic tradition. At the heart of every Nohrlund you will find completely original recipes - this means that every time you taste a Nohrlund cocktail, you experience something quite authentic. Nohrlund is created from the finest cocktail etiquette, where natural ingredients and their taste always form the foundation rather than synthetic substitutes. It means; no unnatural additives, but a gentle processing of all ingredients and a finishing where all natural flavor nuances are maintained.

This small gift package contains 6 pcs. Nohrlund cocktails of 200 ml .; with one of each of their flavors.

This includes 4 pcs. Luigi Bormioli Mixology Cocktail glass. Luigi Bormioli's Nick & Nora cocktail glasses are made for martinis. The glasses are named after the Hollywood duo Nick and Nora Charles, played by William Powell and Myrna Loy. In the movies about Nick and Nora, martini cocktails are most often drunk. Luigi Bormioli's Nick & Nora glass is not only beautiful to look at, it is also much easier to drink from than the typical V-shaped martini glasses.

Product specifications

The small gift package from Nohrlund:

Size: 6x200ml. / Alk. 8.5%


The Yellow with rum, rosehips and sea buckthorn, with its fresh acid and rich fruit, is a true Nordic flavor blend.

The White with gin, shelf flower and ginger is a fresh and refreshing cocktail, which with its powerful flavor from the insistent ginger is offset by the aromatic shelf flower.

The Red with vodka, strawberries and rhubarb is made from ripe and sweet strawberries, crispy rhubarb and a deep and complex vanilla, all gently blended with a premium vodka.

The orange with gin, carrots & apple juice, is truly an attempt to encapsulate the best flavors from the Danish kitchen garden. Based on a classic organic gin, it brings the spices from the garden into the drink.

The dark red with walnut vodka, blackberries & basil, is the companion to the food. Vodka with coarsely roasted walnuts, which dries out the mouth, just as tannic acid in the wine would do. First sensation is fruit and sweetness from the blackberries, followed by a fresh and spicy taste of basil before the taste of roasted walnuts. The perfect match for dinner. Bronze winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016

The black with caramelized rum, Espresso and chocolate bitters is an after-dinner cocktail. Caramelized rum with lots of sweetness and vanilla notes. The chocolate bitter is made on roasted coffee and cocoa beans, as well as lemon and orange peel. The bitter and fresh brings a lot of character to the drink, like enjoying coffee and petit four in one glass.

Cocktail glass:

Size: 15 cl.

Material: Clear crystal glass

Compared to normal glass, the edge's durability is +37.5%

Durability against mechanical shocks +105%.

Glass with stem: Thin and elegant stem without "nails", reinforced with titanium. The durability is increased by +140%, eg in connection with twisting.

Ultra-clear glass, glossy and transparent for many years.

The glass can be washed 1,000 times in the dishwasher without changes. A dishwashing program of max. 55 ° C is recommended.

Crystal glass with rich and powerful sound.

Without lead and heavy metals.

25 year warranty. Covers shards on edge and foot as well as discoloration and shadows due to machine washing.

The gift includes:

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, Rum, Rosehips & Sea buckthorn. 200ml

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, Gin, Elderflower & Ginger, 200ml

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, Vodka, Strawberries & Rhubarb, 200ml

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, Gin, carrots & apple juice, 200ml

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, Walnut vodka, blackberries & basil, 200ml

1 pcs. Nohrlund pre-mixed organic Cocktail, caramelized rum, Espresso and chocolate bitters, 200ml

6 pcs. Luigi Bormioli Mixology cocktail glass, 15cl.