Night & Day summer duvet and pillow, musk down

  • Night & Day summer duvet and pillow, musk down

560.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 1,249.00 DKK

When you want a really nice duvet - The top model of summer duvets with 100% musk down, evenly distributed in cassettes.

Carrying ability > 11.

The combi pillow contains both natural and synthetic fillings.

This pillow is a 3-chamber pillow, which consists of three chambers to give you optimal support when you sleep.

The middle chamber consists of 650g small feathers while the two outer chambers consist of 2x135g ball fiber.

Choose between 200 or 220 cm duvet length!

Product specifications
Size, duvet: 140×200 cm / 140×220 cm
Size, pillow: 60 × 63 cm
Material: Cotton cambric Super soft
Color: White
Filling, duvet: 100% white musk down
Filling, cushion: Ball fibers, Small feathers
Filling gram: 250g / 275g
Filling gram, pillow: 920g
Cassette duvet: 7 × 10 box

The gift contains
1 piece. Night & Day summer duvet
1 piece. Night & Day pillow