Morsø cast iron sculpture

220.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 399.00 DKK

Cast iron sculptures with individual message is an obvious personal gift for someone who cares about the message. Words are important but hard to get said. The sculpture is words that do not disappear over time.
The sculptures are designed by sculptor and sculptor Lene Purkær Stefansen. They are hand-shaped in clay, cast in iron and hand-ground from the heart and described in the artist's own words.

Choose from the following sculptures:

01: You are caring, a loving loner of your kind, H14 cm

02: You did it! Enjoy yours right now! It is strong, H14.5 cm

03: Catch the stars and enjoy your star moment! H14 cm

04: Always follow your heart in all life's choices, H13.2 cm

05: I am ready to jump into the adventure of my life, H13 cm

06: Notice! If it feels right, then this is the way, H13.5 cm

Product specification
Material: Cast iron
Design by Lene Purkær Stefansen.

The gift includes
1 pcs. Morsø Sculpture