Morsø frying pan set, 2 parts

400.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 1,199.00 DKK

Make delicious and exciting food with the frying pans from Morsø made of cast aluminum with handles in bakelite. The pan has a 3-layer non-stick coating on the inside that reduces the risk of the food burning, and a protective outer coating that facilitates cleaning. You can buy glass lids that fit the pan.

Aluminum is one of the most heat-conducting materials. It distributes and maintains heat evenly and energy efficiently over both bottom and sides, and at the same time the material is lightweight.

The unique properties of kitchen utensils are preserved for decades with proper maintenance. Never use scouring powder and sharp objects that can damage the coating.

Always wash only with warm water, dishwashing detergent and a soft brush. The maximum temperature for the non-stick coating is 230 degrees.

If this temperature is exceeded, the coating will degrade and the grinding effect will gradually disappear. In addition, only kitchen utensils made of wood, plastic or silicone should be used. Never pull the product over your hob - lift it instead.

Product specifications
5.5 mm bottom ensures a good and uniform heat distribution.
Suitable for low-fat frying.
The handle does not get hot unless the pan is put in the oven.
Easy to clean, both inside and out.
Aluminum, steel and plastic parts can be recycled.
PFOA- and PFOS-free coating.
Can be used on all heat sources - from traditional hobs, glass-ceramic and induction hobs to electric and gas stoves.
Withstands oven heat up to 180 degrees.
Designed and developed in Denmark.
Designer: Klaus Rat.
Material: Cast Alu.

The gift includes
1 pcs. Morsø frying pan, 28x5 cm
1 pcs. Morsø frying pan, 20x5 cm