Miiego BOOM headphones with active noise cancellation

560.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 1,699.00 DKK

The popular BOOM by MIIEGO wireless headphones, which have won several international awards, are now also available with ANC function - active noise reduction.

BOOM by MIIEGO ANC is designed for all kinds of needs such as training, relaxation, travel and office use. There is thus one product for ALL needs.

BOOM has won major international awards in 2019; both an ISPO award for this year's best sports headphones and the RedDot Design award.

With BOOM by MIIEGO, you get a brand new and groundbreaking functionality that allows you to easily switch ear pads on the product - depending on your needs.

For relaxation, in the office and during the journey you have a soft set of PU leather ear pads, where you can use the specially developed washable and breathable MIIEGO Sport ear pads in MESH material for sports.

The ear pads are easily replaced by individual turning them on and off.

If you buy a Miiego product, a voucher with 30 days of free training with Danish Nordic HIIT is included.

It offers HIIT workouts, Power Yoga and running programs for beginners and experienced prepared by training experts in each area.

Choose between black or titanium.

The gift includes:
1 pcs. Miiego Boom Headphones