Luigi Bormioli Gin and Tonic Glasses incl ice bucket and pliers

  • Luigi Bormioli Gin and Tonic Glasses incl ice bucket and pliers
  • Price Category: 400 DKK
  • MRSP: 660.00 DKK

The Italian glassworks LUIGI BORMIOLI was founded in Parma in 1946 and is known as the first factory that could blow cups and stems into one on a machine. The innovative approach to product development has made Luigi Bormioli one of the most important glass manufacturers in the world today. Luigi Bormioli is intensely researching to produce glasses that are sparkling clear and extremely strong, while ensuring a perfect distribution of taste and aroma. The result is crystal clear SON.hyx® glass, which intensifies the sensory experience and is up to twice as strong as ordinary glass. After more than 1,000 dishwasher washes, the jars are still completely transparent. Luigi Bormioli has a 25-year guarantee against shards on the edge and foot as well as discoloration due to machine washing.

Luigi Bormioli recycles 100% of white glass waste in production, while 67% of the electricity used comes from renewable energy sources. Italian suppliers make up 78% and all are screened based on ethical, social and environmental criteria. In addition, the glassworks has many other initiatives that need to promoting climate and sustainability.

Luigi Bormioli Mixology Spanish gin & tonic glasses are good, spacious glasses with room for lots of ice cream, garnish and tonic water. The glasses are completely transparent and free of lead. Shock and discoloration are guaranteed for 25 years. Dishwasher safe, a temperature of max. 55 degrees.

Also included in the gift is a Leopold ice bucket incl. ice pliers from Bredemeijer in matt steel Ø15 / 20.5 cm H18 cm

Product specifications

Luigi Bormioli Mixology Spanish gin & tonic glass:

Material: crystal clear SON.hyx® glass

Size: 80 cl.

Bredemeijer Leopold Ice bucket:

Size: D15/20,5 cm H18 cm

Material: matt steel

The gift includes:

2 pcs. Luigi Bormioli Mixology Spanish gin & tonic glass, 80cl.

1 stk. Bredemeijer Leopold ice bucket

1 stk. Bredemeijer Leopold ice pliers