Lion Sabatier Pluton knife set, 4 parts

400.00 DKK

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Lion Sabatier Pluton are super sharp and extremely resistant stainless steel blades. The knives are fully forged in one piece of metal from the tip of the knife to the bottom of the shaft. The material is hard stainless steel with a high carbon content, which makes the knives easy to maintain. The shaft is produced in POM, which makes the knife robust and tough, and is attached with three continuous steel rivets.

Lion Sabatier, Thiers, France. Founded in 1812. For more than 500 years, Thiers has been the center of French knife manufacturing. Here are several "Sabatier" factories, all of which make knives - but of different quality. In the 19th century, steel was given animal names according to its quality.

The lion, "the king of beasts", represents strength, agility and superiority. Lion Sabatier was registered as a trademark as early as 1812 - and is the only Sabatier knife that can use the lion as a symbol - a quality guarantee for you as a consumer.

Although modern machines have long since replaced the hammer and anvil, several parts of the long production process are still done by hand. The result is some of the best that can be delivered in knives.

Product specifications
Material: Stainless steel / pom

The gift includes
1 pcs. Lion Sabatier Pluton Chef's Knife, 20 cm
1 pcs. Lion Sabatier Pluton Bread Knife, 20 cm
1 pcs. Lion Sabatier Pluton Santoku Knife, 13 cm
1 pcs. Lion Sabatier Pluton Paring Knife, 9 cm