LIND DNA SWING Wardrobe bar

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,500.00 DKK

LIND DNA is rooted in Denmark, in Danish design, crafts and local production. They have a passion for redefining interior design from a sustainable perspective.

LIND DNA SWING is a decorative and functional design for wardrobes and small spaces. With the minimalistic and elegant expression of SWING, every kind of hangers, clothes and accessories are beautiful, and the design fits into any home. SWING only takes up very little space – so where space is limited, SWING is the elegant solution. Bring your nicest clothes out of the closet and show it off on SWING, or mount SWING in the wardrobe or hallway. LIND DNA SWING is mounted with rawlplugs and a small hook in the ceiling. If the ceiling is made of plaster, rawlplugs for plaster are required. The leather cord is adjusted to the preferred height and the included fitting is fastened.

Product specifications

Measures: Medium, 80 cm.

Material: Oak/leather cord

Colors: Nature, Smoked and Black

The gift includes:

  • 1 pcs. LIND DNA SWING