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aBEAN CARE in-ear headphones
Once upon a time, it was Hans who crawled to heaven on the magic beans, met the giant and freed the golden harp. With Kreafunk aBEAN, the magic is also unmistakable.

You get more than just a pair of in-ear headphones with formidable sound. You also get a matching case that can be recharged wirelessly.

aBEAN is designed to complement your style, and to spice up any outfit.

Once you have received your brand new aBEAN headphones, remember to remove the plastic from the back.

Once you have done that, put the two ear pieces back in the case. You will see them blink - this is where the fun begins. Connect them to your phone and play all the music you dream of.

Charging case supports Qi wireless charging.

8-10 hours playing time at 50% volume and 1.5 hours charging time.

Dust and water repellent (IP44).

Bluetooth 5.0

wiCHARGE wireless charger
This stylish charger is created to make charging your device as easy as possible. With more power, the wiCHARGE II is a true solid charger.

All you need to do is plug your wiCHARGE II into an electrical outlet and place your Qi-compatible device on top.

Compatible with Qi supporting devices.

Soft touch surface with PU leather details.

USB to USB-C charger cable included.

Through the CARE range, Kreafunk supports charitable causes that work to make the world a better place. They will do so with two kroner per CARE product sold in 2021. Supporting a charitable cause goes well with the CARE products and a long-term goal of reducing the amount of plastic in everything we make.

Since the launch of Kreafunk CARE in January 2020, almost 41,000 products from the CARE collection have been sold. This means that 90,778DKK goes directly to charity.

For 2020, Kreafunk has chosen to donate to The Ocean Cleanup, which has a mission to develop advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic.

In addition, Kreafunk has entered into a collaboration with the Danish textile company Gabriel. They have supplied the textile front of recycled polyester for both aTUNE, aGO, aJAZZ and aCAPPELLA.

The polyester is made of 98% plastic bottles.

To make it even better: Each CARE product is delivered in a wooden box that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified (FSC N003167).

The certification guarantees, among other things, that the wood is responsibly handled and felled with consideration for the environment.

Product specifications
Output power, charger: 15W (max.)
Charging efficiency, charger: ≥72%
Charging distance, charger: ≥8 mm
Size, charger: Ø: 10 cm x H: 1 cm
Standby time, headphones: 120 hours

The gift contains

1 pcs. Kreafunk wiCHARGE II wireless charger
1 pcs. Kreafunk aBEAN CARE in-ear headphones