Kay Bojesen Salt Vat With Spoon & Pepper Grinder

  • Price Category: 350 DKK
  • MRSP: 630.00 DKK

Elegantly designed salt vat with accompanying spoon from Kay Bojesen's series Menageri. The salt vat measures 7 cm in diameter and is 4 cm high. It is composed of oak that lets you see its beautiful veins, which give a beautiful, unique look. The wood has a food-approved surface treatment that makes it less susceptible to color-contaminating foods. The inspiration for the salt vat comes from products for the household designed by Kay Bojesen back in the 1940s, where he produced beautiful and useful products in wood.

NOTE: Not dishwasher safe

Organic delicious pepper grinder from Kay Bojesen's series Menageri. The grinder measures 9.3 cm in height and is made of composite pieces of oak, which gives a completely unique look to the wood's fine veins and makes the grinder incredible, soft and delicious to hold. The pepper grinder is equipped with a ceramic Crush grinder that can be set to different fineness and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Product Specifications

Salt vat:

Size: Height, 4cm. Ø 7cm

Material: Lacquered oak

Pepper grinder:

Size: 9,5 cm

Material: Lacquered oak

The Gift Includes

1 pcs. Kay Bojesen salt vat with spoon, Ø7cm

1 pcs. Kay Bojesen Pepper grinder, 9,5cm