Kay Bojesen Auto mobile and chocolates

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 878.95 DKK

Sedan, 27 cm

Kay Bojesen Then with the aerodynamic lines are for children and childlike souls. The big automobile figure was designed and made by Kay Bojesen in 1937 and is always ready for a race trip around the children's room or at the home office. 

Material: Beech tree. 

Delivered with 400g Family cardboard box. 8 pcs. deliciously filled chocolates, delicious dragee mix with Wiener Almonds and mint balls, and 4 pcs. 35g marcipan bread.

The gift includes:

    • 1 pcs. Kay Bojesen Auto mobile
    • 400 g. Chocolates box with 3-room