Kay Bojesen monkey Mini, and marcipan hearts

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Kay Bojesen monkey, mini. This sweet tree monkey was born already in 1951 and is today a world-renowned design classic, still manufactured by hand in Denmark.

Now Kay Bojesen has expanded the family with a minize size of the well-known monkey. The mini monkey has the same lovely charisma and charm as the older Kay Bojesen monkeys in the flock. Aben is a toy for both big and small and the wooden figure is a perfect gift for baptism, confirmation or student. It fits all ages and will always be a classic decor detail.

The monkey is made of plantation teak wood and in limb tree, and despite its size, the little monkey is of course as much charisma and charm as the older Kay Bojesen monkeys in the siblings. Since the teak tree is plantageteak, dark spots and stripes can occur, which will eventually diminish due to light and air. Therefore, there will be differences in the tree from monkey to monkey, making every monkey unique.

Material: Oiled teak and lime wood

Dimensions: L: 10 cm H: 9.5 cm D: 4 cm

Comes with Cocoture gift box with 4 pieces. marcipan hearts 80 g.

The gift includes
1 pcs. Kay Bojesen monkey, mini
4 pcs. Marcipan hearts 80 g