HUGO BOSS in-ear earbuds and wireless charger

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HUGO BOSS in-ear earbuds
HUGO BOSS launches bluetooth earbuds with a Qi-certified case with wireless charging capability.

The latest technologies are used to deliver these elegant earbuds for talking on the phone, music playback, audiobooks and more.

28 hours of combined playback; 4 hours of continuous listening on the headphones as well as up to 24 hours of charging from the unique HUGO BOSS case.

Ultra-clear sound will be experienced thanks to its Hi-performance chipset.

HUGO BOSS earbuds come with a simple play / stop function and a USB-C cable for charging the smart case, which is a Qi-certified case and thus with the option of wireless charging.

The ENC noise reduction and microphone in both headphones provide a good experience when HUGO BOSS earbuds are used during conversation.

Extra ear tips are included which gives you the option of adjusting the size.

HUGO BOSS earbuds are packed in an elegant HUGO BOSS box.

HUGO BOSS wireless charger
HUGO BOSS launches Qi certified dock charger / charger in a nice and elegant design adapted to wireless charging of all devices that support Qi certified products (eg HUGO BOSS earbuds, smartphones etc.).

A smart LED indicator shows the status of the charge. The HUGO BOSS charger delivers charging at fast charge level.

The HUGO BOSS charger is produced in high quality, made of solid aluminum alloy and fabric.

It comes with a 1 meter cable with USB C connector.

The 4 non-slip pads under the bottom provide good heat dissipation and at the same time ensure stable charging on the surface where the charger is located.

Product specifications, earbuds
Qi certified case
ENC noise reduction
28 hours of combined playback

Product specifications, charger
Input: 9V ▪1.8A ▪5V ▪2.0A
Output: 10W ▪7.5W ▪5W.

The gift contains
1 piece. HUGO BOSS in-ear earbuds in any color
1 piece. Qi-certified case
1 piece. HUGO BOSS wireless charger