Grand Cru and Juna picnic package

560.00 DKK

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,000.00 DKK

Rosendahl thermos, black, 1 L has characteristic lines and a handle which supports the stylish design. It is easy to transport and keeps the beverage warm.

Juna Picnic Blanket is produces from 120 pcs. recycled bottles to make it as sustainable and durable as possible.

Product Specifications

Rosendahl Thermos:

    Width: 17,5 cm Height: 28,5 cm Depth: 15 cm

    Size: 1 L

    Free from phthalater and bisphenol A (BPR)

Juna Picnic Blanket

    130x190 cm

The gift includes

1 pcs. Rosendahl Thermos

1 pcs. Juna Picnic Blanket