Gense Fuga cutlery set, 16 parts

  • Price Category: 400 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,599.95 DKK

Gense cutlery Fuga is ideal for everyday life as well as for festive occasions. Fuga has a classic design with softly rounded lines that rest comfortably in the hand. Tias Eckhoff designed the iconic cutlery in 1962, which in its design conveys clarity and precision, but with a subtle expression.


Tias Eckhoff, born in 1926, was among those who contributed to making Scandinavian design a world-renowned concept. He was an artist and at the same time a pioneer in industrial design. His cutlery is sold all over the world and is today represented in some of the world's most famous design museums.

Product specifications

Material: stainless steel

The gift includes:

4 pcs. Gense Fuga knives, Matt shiny steel

4 pcs. Gense Fuga forks, Matt shiny steel

4 pcs. Gense Fuga spoons, Matt shiny steel

4 pcs. Gense Fuga teaspoons, Matt shiny steel