Frederik Bagger Crispy Dark Bottle, 500 ml

  • Frederik Bagger Crispy Dark Bottle, 500 ml

150.00 DKK

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The smaller size of the Crispy water carafe makes it your ideal everyday partner for the workplace when you need to ensure that you get your daily fluid needs covered.

The water carafe is made of crystal glass with an associated lid, which makes it both elegant and functional.

Despite the smaller size of the carafe, it still has a sufficiently large opening, which makes it easy to put ice cubes in, so that the contents stay delicious and cold for a longer time.

The design of the bottle is adapted to fit into your refrigerator door, so that you can put the bottle in the fridge with ease.

Product specifications:
Size: Ø: 7.1 cm x H: 16.7 cm (500 ml)
FDA approved

The gift contains:
1 piece. Frederik Bagger Crispy Dark Bottle water carafe, 500 ml