Company christmas gifts

At and IDÈ House of Brands, we want to make it easy for your company to find the right corporate Christmas gifts that spread enthusiasm and are a great way to end the past year. That is why we offer the popular, online solution, where the individual employee, based on the company's budget and the number of options, can choose the gift that brings the greatest possible joy. With this concept, you take your employees into account and let them choose a gift based on their own preferences, resulting in happier employees and useful corporate Christmas gifts that are not left in the office or forgotten in the corner.

Our extensive experience in purchasing and delivering corporate Christmas gifts means that we can help companies of all types and sizes. So whether your company has five or 5000 employees, we create the optimal solution that will surely please your employees. With choose your own company Christmas gifts, your company saves time, and then it is simple and extremely flexible to choose the desired number of gifts based on the selected price category. In addition, your company at gets the sharpest prices and we help you from start to finish in the process, so you and your employees can look forward to a fine selection of company Christmas gifts tailored to the company's wishes. 

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