Ecooking package for hands & feet and day cream

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Hand lotion, fragrance free
It is important to take good care of our hands as they are our business card when we meet the world. The hands are also one of the first things on our body to age, and therefore they should not be cheated for effective care. This is the reason why with our new Hand Lotion we have chosen to move the effective ingredients from the facial care down to the hands.

Hand lotion is a vegan cream full of moisturizing hyaluronic acid and nourishing niacinamide. These ingredients nourish and moisturize your skin so you get soft hands. In addition, niacinamide increases the suppleness of the skin and helps reduce fine lines. There are also lots of oils and vitamin E in the hand lotion, which also helps to care for the skin and retain moisture. Hand lotion penetrates easily and quickly into the skin.

Perfume-free, AllergyCertified, vegan and dermatologically tested.

Hand lotion contains, among other things:
- Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3, which helps reduce fine lines and adjust the structure of the skin.
- Natural Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals and provides moisture.
- Natural hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes your skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
- Organic sunflower oil and almond oil that provides intense moisture and care and keeps your skin smooth and soft.

All in one balm
Ecooking All In One Balm is one product that can be used for many different things - we love that at Ecooking. All In One Balm is a multi-product, an extremely moisturizing balm for very dry skin on both the face and body. The balm softens and soothes and comes in a small jar that you can carry in your handbag.

Use All In One Balm on eg
- Dry areas / spots on the face and body
- Dry heels and hard skin
- Dry elbows
- Dry hands
- Dry nails and cuticles
- Dry and chapped lips

All In One Balm includes
- Delis, which helps against itching and burning
- Xpertmoist, which is extremely moisturizing and rebuilds even the driest skin

In addition, it contains
- Organic argan oil
- Organic shea butter
- Natural Vitamin E.

Night cream for feet
No matter how beautiful your sandals are, they are not pretty if your feet are not well-groomed. That is why we have developed a foot cream that effectively removes hard skin, while at the same time giving the feet plenty of moisture. The foot cream has a cooling and antibacterial effect, it protects against foot fungus and has a wonderful, fresh scent of natural eucalyptus.

The foot cream is created to be used overnight, where your feet have plenty of time to absorb the good ingredients. Can be used by all skin types and all ages.

The foot cream contains targeted ingredients, including:
- Natural carbamide (urea), which can bind fluid in the skin and prevent dehydration. In addition, it has antibacterial properties, and we have filled as much as 15% carbamide in the foot cream.
- Natural Lactic Acid, lactic acid, which is one of the well-known AHA acids, which has an exfoliating effect and effectively removes dead skin cells and hard skin while stimulating collagen production.
- Natural Eucalyptus Globulus, an essential oil that increases blood circulation, gives a fresh scent and cools the skin.

In addition, Ecooking Foot Cream is filled with ingredients such as:
- Natural Sodium PCA, which increases the absorption of moisture in the skin
- Natural Menthol that cools
- Organic sesame oil that moisturizes and nourishes

Natural panthenol that is moisture retaining
- Natural Dermosoft Decalact that fights bacteria
- Organic almond oil that softens and nourishes
- Organic glycerin that binds moisture

Day cream
Day cream is a face cream that gives your skin lots of moisture and care that lasts all day.

At the same time, it reduces fine lines and prevents signs of aging.

It is the ingredient Hyadisine that provides long-lasting moisture, and which immediately reduces the lines of your skin and gives it a smoother structure in the same way as Hyaluronic acid.

The ingredient Trylagen attacks the problems that occur in all phases of life and gives your skin a fresh fullness.

TIP: Recycle the glass jar such as. jewelry box or spice jars.

Product specifications
Vegan & dermatologically tested.

The gift contains
1 pcs. Ecooking day cream, 50 ml
1 pcs. Ecooking hand lotion fragrance free, 300 ml
1 pcs. Ecooking all in one balm, 30 ml
1 pcs. Ecooking night cream for feet, 100 ml