Donation to Julemærkehjemmene 720kr.

  • Donation to Julemærkehjemmene 720kr.

720.00 DKK

Too many children in Denmark are frustrated. They feel wrong, they are being bullied, and communities are something they look at from the outside. We must never accept that.

No child deserves a daily life filled with loneliness and stomach ache.

Julemærkehjemmene give children and their families the opportunity to start over. Specifically, the children live at Julemærkehjem for a period of time with other children who are also working on their challenges.

Clear frameworks, new communities and the right mix of healthy food and exercise, help children find their strengths.

They build self-esteem by learning new ways of looking at themselves and the world. The stay ends, but the development continues.

The new skills and habits come home with the children.

It provides an important starting point for the whole family in the future.

When you donate to Julemærkehjemmene, you will receive a Christmas cookbook "Julemad i Fælleskab" (value 119, -).