Cocoture Big Round Box

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Fashion has also come to the cocoa beans - "Haute cocoture" - with the finest confectionery craftsmanship and uncompromising qualities. These are wonderful traditions that are carried through the chocolate joinery's time machine and become up-to-date on taste and quality. Only the best is good enough.

The products are reflected in the Nordic taste spectrum - surprises, seduces and takes you around in the most timeless and harmonious taste experience that bravely challenges your chocolate habits - welcome to a taste universe!

Cocoture - uncompromising chocolate joinery.

900g Stuffed chocolate, marzipan, licorice w / chocolate & dragee in large round cocoture box

The Gift Includes

1 pcs. Cocoture large round box with filled chocolates, marzipan, licorice w/chocolate & dragee