Chili Klaus Spicy Box and More or Less quiz game

560.00 DKK

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 798.95 DKK

The Spicy Box is for "the True Chili Head", when spicy is just not spicy enough!

It is an exclusive blend of classic Chili Klaus products.

On top of it you get a signed version of Chili Klaus' Bestselling Book Den er go' i ørerne (Danish version) including advices on how to grow your own chili peppers and spicy recipes.

The Spicy Box is packed in a beautiful gift box and has a total value of 786 kroner.

More or Less is a fun and very different quiz game where you most certainly do not know the exact answers.

It's about getting closest, and at the same time keeping a cool head from the opponents' teasing tactics.

A perfect feature for small and large parties and cozy moments.

The gift contains
1 pcs. Game Inventors More or Less quiz game
1 box of Carolina Reaper powder, wind force 15 - The world's hottest!
1 btl. Hot Sauce, wind force 9
1 btl. Ketchup 7 Pot, wind force 12
1 btl. BBQ Habanero, wind force 8
1 box of Chili Balls, wind force 9
1 box of Chili Balls, wind force 12
1 bag of Chili Chips wind force 8
1 sachet of Chili Dip wind force 7
1 Chili Nuts wind force 4
1 signed book, Den er go' i ørerne (Danish version)