Bredemeijer Pucheng tea pot, tray & Costa Nova notos cups

  • Price Category: 560 DKK
  • MRSP: 1,030.00 DKK

Create contrast with Asian design.

Bredemeijer’s collection of tee pot and -equipment creates a lovely contrast to the minimalistic Scandinavian interior design with it’s japanesse inspired design. The oriental inspiration suits the cold Nordic style by bringing shapes, warmth and history to the coffee table.

The solid Xilin-tea pot in cast iron has a characteristic low design with tea filter and a enamelled inside. It keeps the tea’s temperature and taste for a long time.

Bredemeijer was foundet in 1914 by Geradus Bredemaijer and today the corporation is known for it’s beautiful and versatile selection of tea pots and accessories of an outstanding quality for every taste and style.

Product Specifications

Pucheng tea pot:

Color: Black

Size: 1,3 L

Notos cup:

Color: Black/cream

Size: 22 cl

Meassures: Ø 8 cm, h 8 cm


Color: Black

Length: 40 cm

Width: 30 cm

Height: 6 cm

The Gift Contains

1 pcs. Bredemeijer Pucheng tea pot

1 pcs. tray

1 pcs. Notos cup