Andersen DUO salt- og pebersæt

350.00 DKK

  • MRSP: 699.95 DKK

DUO salt and pepper set is two stunning grinders in high quality and easy to use. The set is made of solid wood in black and white. The set is designed by Andersen Furniture.

The new DUO salt and pepper grinders designed by Andersen Furniture fits perfect into the classic home. Spoil your kitchen with this new item. 

Good kitchen accessories are a necessity if you want your day-to-day life to function.

Andersen Furniture has designed a new salt and pepper set which both have a high quality and are easy to use – perfect for the modern home.

Farve: Sort/hvid
Materiale: Lakeret træ
Størrelse: H: 18 x Ø: 5 cm
Design: Maria Araghouna

Gaven indeholder
1 stk. Andersen DUO salt- og pebersæt